Quiz 4 – The Seven Church Modes

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  1. Hi Warren, Question 2 about B Lydian mode, I answered B C# D# E# F# G# A# B correctly, but it said incorrect and gave the answer (b c# d# e# f# g# a# b). Does capital letters made it wrong? It’s not like major (capital letters) or minor (small letter)?

    1. Warren McPherson

      @Nga must have been a glitch in the system (which doesn’t usually happy) or you might have accidentally added additional spacing or something, as I did it and got the question correct. See my screenshot below

  2. Hey Warren,

    I had a wrong answer on the following question :

    What are the notes for B Lydian mode? ( separate each letter with a space, no commas. Use β€œ#” where necessary, and end on B)

    The mistake I did is that I had written an F while the answer says E#. Why should we call it E# in this situation ?

    1. Warren McPherson

      @JoelH95 When spelling a scale all letters of the seven musical Alphabet needs to e represented where possible (A B C D E F G).

      B Lydian is “B C# D# E# F# G# A# B.” If you were to call “E#” “F,” then you have “F” represented twice in the scale (F, and F#) but no “E.”

      Yes, E# and F are the same note in practice, but in theory, it doesn’t fit the context of how scales are supported to be represented.

  3. Warren for this question:
    In order to turn G Major scale into G Locrian Mode, what would be the altered notes? ( Write ONLY the altered notes with β€œb” and a space to separate)?
    You gave this answer: (ab bb db eb)

    However since G locrian is derived from Ab Ionian it would have F natural and not F#. So would this not count as an altered note as well?

    1. Warren McPherson

      @Wrightca24 this is a very valid question, thank for pointing that out, I will edit the question to simplify things.


      1. For this question:
        In order to turn G Mixolydian mode into G Locrian Mode, what would be the altered notes? ( Write ONLY the altered notes with β€œb” and a space to separate)

        The answer was ab bb db eb.

        Should the answer be only ab and db since G Mixolydian Mode already has bb and eb?

  4. A very good quiz β€” tough scales to write.

    This was a learning curve, but once I found a pattern (mathematics major here) it worked well. Your method/system/mnemonic is the best one for me, Warren. Thank you!

  5. I have completed the quiz but I did not get a score posted. I have started this quiz 3 times. The first 2 times it cuts out on my desk top, and the 3rd time it finished but no score. Am I able to continue?

    1. Warren McPherson

      @Storm after you completed the quiz, did it show you a scoreboard of the “Average Score” and your Score? I just tested the quiz and it is working fine. Please note that you need to score a minimum of 80% before you pass the quiz. You’ll not that you pass the quiz when a red checkmark is placed before the lesson in the sidebar. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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