Words From Some Satisfied Students

I was recommended to Warren's piano courses by a friend, and although I compose, direct choirs and also play the keyboard, I'm always hungry to improve. The first time I saw Warren play I knew he had something that I'd like to learn, so, the desire to improve is my driving force for all the purchases now and in the future. I have improved in my practicing habit, scale playing, and chord progression since following Warren's courses. Right now I'm working on my piano licks. If you want to improve yourself, join Warren's programs. When you join, get the required information and then practice, practice and practice..
I didn't hear about "Piano Lesson with Warren" from an external source, but I found Warren from literally searching on YouTube for videos that have the kind of content I want to sound like. When I stumbled upon Warren, I knew he had the content I needed to grow. I decided to purchase the course because seeing the short videos and the contents they have; I was eager to see what wonders the courses would have and boy I wasn't disappointed. I am still reaping the fruits from a single course. I have improved in my melodic playing and choices of passing chords. To folks like me who want to improve on the piano, Warren's courses would definitely and surely get you there in no time. Thanks, Warren. You rock.
Thank you for “spending time” with me every day when I am at my piano following your tutorials, I have learned a lot. Until you came, I am self-taught and played the piano for quite a while now, but feeling very unhappy and dissatisfied with my progress because of the lack of basics. I decided to “shelf” all my playing of songs, which has become so flat and dull, to focus on the fundamentals and the techniques, this was why I bought your courses. You have rekindled my love for piano playing; I want to play like you even if it may take me to my 70s.
Tan Sebastian

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While browsing the internet, targeting youtube, I coincidently highlighted a video by Mr. Warren Mcpherson. This has been one of my dreams to come true, and I counted it as a blessing! I was excited to discover the videos that are available in Warren's program! I have found his lesson instructions to be very understandable, and he's done a magnificent job in providing the printed scores. (This is highly appreciated!) I have found that my style of playing improves, when I take the time to substitute soul chords, walking the bass, and tritones! I do have a busy agenda; however, I must share Warren's program with my students!
Velma Essex
I found Warren on Youtube when I was searching for fingerings on all 12 major scales. I later decided to visit the website and fell in love. I had found the right materials after searching for over six months for something that I could use at my own time. The primary area I have improved is in knowing what to do when I sit down for 2 hours to practice I know exactly what I want to achieve. I have also mastered all the 12 major scales, learnt the six major progressions on five keys and counting also playing them rhythmically. Simply put, if you want to learn this piano thing then look no further. Purchase the beginner tutorials, or the level relevant for you and work on them patiently for the next 3 - 6 months. You will see improvements and will get better
Last fall I was working on Christmas music. I was not happy with the versions of “Oh Holy Night” that I was working on and I was searching the internet for something with more emotion – something more heartfelt. That is when I came across the videos from “Piano Lesson With Warren.” Now, I have more piano lesson training programs than I will ever get through before I go to meet my maker. I have learned a great deal about scales and chords - but I just could not put it all together and make it sound the way I wanted it to. So, what initially kept me listening to several of the videos was - the style of music and the sounds that were being produced. But to my amazement, it started to make sense to me. I can listen to Warren’s videos all day long because his style of teaching is logical, patient, well demonstrated, as well as being musically exciting.
Cynthia P Jones

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I heard about Warren on YouTube and meeting Warren was my prayers being answered. I didn't get any formal training coming up as a musician, so I invested in my playing through purchased lessons. I have improved a lot in my passing chords and just using the simple things that make you sound advance. Practice is number one! I can guarantee you will be satisfied after you give Warren's courses a try, I have not regretted it so far.
I stumbled across “Piano Lesson With Warren” on Youtube in my search for piano tutorials. I came across a lot of wonderful people putting out piano tutorials online, but there was something about Warren’s presentations that appealed to my learning process. The programs specifically addressed my learning needs. The programs have hugely transformed my playing where I have started using passing chords more. The exciting thing about this whole process is that there is a whole lot more to learn. I never had a formal piano teacher; I initially learned to play by ear by watching other people play. When I joined Warren's program, I discovered that there were things I had been doing for about 15 years that I had to unlearn. Studying with Warren has been a fruitful and worthwhile investment, I highly recommend his programs to anyone wishing to improve their piano skills but is still hesitant to join.
Bata Anigafutu
I want to thank you at this time for sharing with us such immense knowledge with all of the course you have handcrafted for us. I got to know about Warren's teaching through his YouTube channel, every video you made have so much Information in it, this is when I decided to look forward to purchasing his courses. As a beginner I struggled with what to practice and hand coordination, his program has helped me so much with these. I believe beautiful things happen when we trust each other, anyone who is serious about piano playing at any level should definitely look forward to all these amazing and practical knowledge available at pianolessonwithwarren.com.
lejoe sebastian
I live and work in the southwest of the UK. Alter work on Monday Wednesday and Friday I attend the hospital for four hours on dialysis. I would like to have piano lessons with a local teacher but had no time to fit it in. Weekends I was busy rehearsing for church service on Sunday. I spend a lot of time searching for youtube. I have seen a lot of people offering a lesson, and none was as simple and easy to understand as Warren. I purchased his programs because they were always structured. I have improved with all my scales, passing chords. My overall playing has improved noticed by other musicians. If you're hesitant than normal, you can choose when to practice and also when to listen and learn. The cost is not expensive in comparison to having a tutor every week. I am very happy with the programs and my growth. I am looking forward to many more lessons.
I heard about Warren through browsing the internet. On coming across his tutorials, I was truly amazed by this vast knowledge and the simplicity of his impartation of music. His ability to connect with his audience through playing the piano along with his words of encouragement and admonition inspired me to purchase his tutorials as he was able to address many shortfalls we as musicians face in our music. My improvement, which can only get better through continuously practicing has allowed me to not only understand but also to explore the vast capabilities available in chord progressions, seventh chords and beyond, etc., to name a few. His programs are well structured for everyone no matter what level you are and they're worth looking at. Try it today, and you will be making one of the most important investments of a lifetime.
I first heard about piano lessons with Warren through the YouTube platform, while searching for piano lessons a video by Warren on 1st-Inversion passing popped up. I wanted to learn more, so I went to his Facebook page and website. Because I wanted to grow in my piano lessons, I believe Warren would be the best piano tutor that would take me from beginner to advanced. The simplicity and excellent teaching skills of Warren have been just amazing. I have improved in my scales both major and minor scales in all 12 keys, and also in using correct fingerings. I am a testimony of what piano lessons with Warren can do. What are you still waiting for? Make up your mind as Warren take your piano playing to another level!

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I first heard about Piano With Warren when I was on youtube. I love how he teaches and break down chords. What I can say is how he breaks down the chords simple made me want to follow Warren. I enjoy seeing how he takes progressions and explain every note, or how you can play that same note with a different progression. The area I have improved in the most is the 7-3-6 progression that I love so much. What I can tell others is continue to practice, learn your chords in every key, and stay away from the transpose button because all it does is handicap your playing. Be the best you are and have your own style.
I just stopped by to report that since I’ve been following your tutorials, I pushed past my fear to begin playing during the prayer for our devotion service. I’m taking baby steps. Your tutorial on the Cycle of 4th/5th was a big help to me. What I really appreciate is how thorough you are in explaining best order on what to practice.
Bonnie Simpson
I have been playing the piano for ten years and have had multiple piano teachers. Out of all of them, Warren is the best teacher I’ve studied with. He will work with you based on YOUR personal goals and desires as a musician. Even after my first lesson with him, I felt myself starting to break a plateau I had been stuck in for quite a while. Would highly recommend Warren whether you are thinking of taking private lessons with him or purchasing his eye-opening, very informative online courses.
Ryan K. Andy

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