Quiz 2 – Minor Triads

9 thoughts on “Quiz 2 – Minor Triads”

  1. Yayyy! I am happy with my score! I hope I get more 100% I am happy with the progress I see taking place! God is so AWESOME! Thanks Warren! You are a great Instructor?

  2. This made me a Major Triad [ Happy] after several trying I finally got all questions correctly. I am gradually learning the concept with each lesson. Everyone can learn we just have to practice and be patience. Thank you sir. Warren the lesson was well explained.

    1. Warren McPherson

      @Ben Shelton I assure you, all answers are correct, I just double check after using your message. It’s multiple-choice, so just change your answer. Also, the questions are randomized each time they are served, so what was question 3 on the first try might be question 5 or 4 on the next try. So they not to memorize the order.

      1. For this minor triad quiz, I think my difficulty was thinking that all the clips were either minor or major since we had only done those 2 lessons. It was easier to pick out the major clip. I thought by process of elimination the others were minor, but now I’m thinking otherwise…

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