For $1.00 you get access to try the courses for 7 days. After the trial ends you’re automatically upgraded to the Silver Plan for $20/month.

There’s what you get in the Silver Plan:

*Access to ALL Courses dripped in 2-day increments
*Access To All Quizzes
*Access To New courses added every month
*Stream lessons from Any Desktop, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android
*Download MIDI, LMS and Score Files
*Access to the Monthly Live Q&A Sessions

Cannot download lessons (Only Gold Membership)
Does not have access to Song Breakdowns (Only Gold Membership)

NOTE: If you cancel the trial subscription before the 7 days end, you WILL NOT be billed the $20. You’re only billed the $20 if your subscription remains active after the 7 days, then your account is automatically upgraded to the Silver Plan.


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