With the 7-day trial you’ll have access to;

  • All Courses, Lessons, and Song Breakdown tutorials
  • You can stream the videos from ANY desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Free Access to the ear training app “Active Ear.”  Available for both Andriod and iPhone in the app store.
  • Take all quizzes, download MIDI files, LMS files, backing tracks, and scores for each course.
  • You’ll also have full access to the new courses added each month.
  • Monthly live Question and Answer session
  • Monthly Student video feedback session

You’ll Pay $1.00 today, and after seven days, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the full membership and be billed $37/month or you can cancel before then, or request a cancelation from us. If you decide to continue after the 7-day trial ended, you can still cancel at any time within the first 30-days and request a full refund if the program isn’t right for you.








You Have Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain!

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