Quiz 1 – Beginner’s Guide

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  1. HELLO prof Warren
    was wondering if we can note E# from principle, E# will give F and Fb samely will give E same for A and C can we do such a reflexion ???

  2. 6. QUESTION
    Name all the sharp black keys ascending keys starting from C#. These are my answers :
    C# D# F# G#A# … i gues the following is the correct that was next to it (c# d# f# g# a#)
    We name sharps from the white keys found on its left

    just need clarification

  3. Well, I took this quiz a lot of times and I do mean a lot. I finally passed with a a score of 83. Something. Finally I caught on to the wording
    of the questions which helped me to finally finally finally pass.

  4. Warren, I answered correctly twos and threes. The system marked me wrong. I suspect that it was looking for a specific answer or my choice of words confused it. Let me know

    1. Warren McPherson

      @Tramysweet I get what you’re saying, but “sharps and Flats” are not organizational grouping, nor did I teach it that way in the lesson. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @Jennp8
      At the end of each quiz, there’s a button that says “View Questions,” click that button, and it will show the answer for each question.
      Let me know if I can help with anything else.


  5. Hi Warren, I had some problems with this quiz, too. Could it be the terminology? For example, when asked to name all the ascending flats, once I just mentioned the black keys (e.g. Db, Eb, Gb, etc.) and once the flats you can get when you go down from F, for example, (Fb – which means E, right?) or down from C to B, which could be looked at as Cb, I think… Every time I did the quiz, I got progressively worse results.
    And there was some confusion about the groups of black notes. Once I put in “groups of twos and threes”, and once “groups of sharps and flats”. Not knowing which answers were considered correct makes it difficult…Looking forward to your help here.

    1. Warren McPherson

      HI, @frenchjanetm is the page froze? Also, it’s easier to communicate with me using the live chat located at the bottom right of the screen.

  6. dsmi1115@comcast.net

    I have taken the quiz on naming of the keys results grading stopped twice and would not complete the grading process. How am I to know if i got the answers right? Failed a couple of times before this happened. Please assist.

    1. Warren McPherson

      @dsmi1115@comcast.net sorry about that. We’ve noticed some browsers like Safari and Internet Explorer cause problems with the quiz plugin, are you using one of these browsers? Other things that cause problems is if the browser is outdated, here are some things to try.

      1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of the browser.
      2. If you’re experiencing this issue with Safari or Internet Explorer, try using Chrome or Firefox.
      3. Lasting, trying clearing your browser cache files, restart the browser, then try again.

      Please let us know if you experience the same issue after trying the above steps.


  7. I put the correct answer in.. But it marked me wrong. I took test again and it did same thing. Question was on sharps the other question was on groups of black keys. The first couple of test I believe I put too many words for “black key question. So in that one I guess it didn’t accept the way I answered. The next couple of times I said forget it in put in a while different answer thinking we’ll I must be wrong so try something different and just put in anything, even though I knew it was wrong, but the first test that answer was right, just too many words. I know it’s 2am in the morning, but my determined self wasn’t going to bed till I passed.

  8. Vearline Rougely

    Hi! I have tried these quizzes every way I know how.
    so I don’t know what else to do but opt out. Also where can sign in using a nick name in these answers. V

    1. Vearline Rougely

      Hi! I have tried these quizzes every way I know how.
      so I donโ€™t know what else to do because if I can’t get it right I will have to opt out. Also if I can get it right where can I go on this website to sign in using a nick name? V

    2. gglg1789@yahoo.com

      Hello Vearline, my name is Gwen I just recently signed up for piano lesson, I’m enjoying it so far, and looking forward to learning to play. I saw your comment and I was wondering if you could tell me how to check my answers. Thanks in advance!

  9. lower case, punctuation makes a difference in the answer…may be good to suggest “use all lower case” or “add commas between phrases when answering”. I only scored one point, but I see my answers are correct if I used different spacing. It’s all good ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Yes, spacing is necessary. Without spacing, there’s no way to tell where one thing ends and the other begins. So treat it as you would normal writing. The answers are not case-sensitive so you can use upper or lower case, but there are space sensitive.

  10. I got all questions correct but was only given credit for 4. Maybe itโ€™s my choice of American expression, but I answered the final question (which was oddly worded, by the way) with extra language. But my response is ultimately and definitely accurate. It looks like the free form language was rejected as being an unsuitable response, unfortunately.

    1. Hi Afrye, Sorry to hear that. Each time the quiz starts the questions are served in a different order, so the “Last question” can be anyone. If you tell me the specific question I can explain why a question was marked as incorrect.

  11. I got a 60, although I’m not happy with the score (I answered the questions correctly it was just my formatting), I now know what you are looking for.

      1. Wasn’t sure of your question on the location of middle C Technically it is left of 2 black keys but could also be right of 3 black keys also if you do not include the white key B. So were you looking for the answer both left of 2 black keys and right of three black keys’

        1. Well, you’re over thinking it, the key right of the 3-black keys is B. The simplest and most straightforward answer is usually the right answer, so it would be left of the 2-black keys.

  12. Hi Waren,
    I think there is lack of explanation on how to answer to your quiz.
    I’m 100% confident about my answer but I’ve only got 1 question right.
    I don’t know if I should separate the response with coma or with space when you ask to list all # (C#,D#…) or b (Db Eb …). I don’t know also if I should inclue in the list again the letter you tell in the the question.

    Thank you for your help

    1. Hi, I made some updates to the answers so you can now enter the answers using; “spaces-no-commas”, “spaces-with-commas”, “No-spaces-with-commas,” or “No-spaces-no-commas.” If you enter your answers using any of these methods the system will read it as correct (given you have the correct answer). Please try the quizzes again and let me know if you encounter any further problems.


  13. Hey, Warren…I’ve taken the quiz three times, with the same answers each time, and I received 40%, 80%, and 80% (nothing was marked the third time). I need a little encouragement here (smile). Please check. Thanks.

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