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Building on the chords and voicing vocabulary of the 12-Weeks Progression Practice, and the  Seventh Chords 12- weeks Progression Regimen, course, Soul Chords focuses on mastery of the ninth chords solely.

Major 9th, Minor 9th, and the Dominant 9th chords – This course teaches you how to voice these chords in both Open-voicing and Cluster-voicing position using popular progressions.  These progressions are;  (I, vi, ii, V) –  (vi, IV, ii, V) – ( iii, VI,  II, V) –  (V, ii, vi, IV) –  ( ii, iii, IV, vi) and (IV, V, III, II). And another added beauty is that these progressions and voicing are cycled through all 12 keys using the cycle of 4th concept.

If you desire to achieve the rich, soulful sound heard in Jazz, R&B, and Modern Gospel, then look no further, this is the course that WILL get you there.

  • Course Length 1 hour 24 mins
  • The course is divided into four MP4 Files
  • Practice Guide Tracks included (Slow, Medium, Fast)
  • MIDI Files included (Optional)
  • Score Included (Optional)

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