The Beginner’s Practice Template

There is only one way to improve and that is through practice, but it is even more difficult to see progress without a daily structured plan to follow. This template will help elevate the stress and frustration of guessing what to do each day and guide you on a more structured path with efficient routines and exercises to …

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How To Play Amazing Grace

In this tutorial, you’ll be learning the chord changes to Amazing Grace and see how I use little riffs to give it that bluesy-gospel touch. The video is then slowed down to 50% playback speed so you can really see what I’m doing. This video is meant for the later beginner and intermediate player. Midi …

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Seventh Chords – 12 Weeks Progression Regimen

The prerequisite for this course, the ’12-week Chord Progression Practice (for beginners)’ Lay the foundation for playing full-triad-voicing in all twelve keys, using six popular progressions. Now, let’s take this chord exercise regimen further by introducing seventh chords. In this course, ‘Seventh Chords – 12 Weeks Progression Regimen (for Later beginners) you’ll be introduced to …

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Building Technique

In this course, you will get all the technical tools you need to strengthen your finger, develop speed, accuracy, and precision. If you aspire to play like me, then do as I did and make technique building a priority. Your technique is the foundation on which you will build your musical house, so, let’s  strengthen it together.

The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Piano is the ultimate roadmap for people wanting to learn the piano by ear. This tutorial begins with the very first thing you should be working on when you sit around the piano for the first time, and then continues step by step in a practical order with all the foundation-building topics. In this …

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12-Week Chord Progression Practice (Beginners)

Learn ALL the essential triads in ALL 12 keys using familiar chord progressions.

  • The course comes with three mp3 practice guide tracks – At Slow. Medium, and Fast tempo.
  • The Course is 65 minutes long,
  • File size 5.05GB
  • Members get this course for $16.79 – Sign Up Now
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