The Ear Training Regimen For Beginners and Intermediates

As a gospel pianist, your ear is your greatest asset, but It’s not good enough to simply hear the music, it is to understand. This Ear Training course teaches you how to listen, and what to listen for so you can understand what is happening in the music. When you understand what you’re hearing you can then quickly reproduce it for your self and memorize it.

If you’ve been struggling to tell exactly what a progression is, how to find the key to a singer or how to quickly pick out melodic lines, then this is the course that WILL help you solve all that. Having a developed ear is the single most important skill to playing by ear and it all starts with knowing how to listen and what to listen for.

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By DocDj1966 on May 28, 2019
    I had to do this when I was in the USN at at Great Lakes.
    If you want to be a good piano player or singer work on the solfeggio method. It Works' I have ADHD and just in the few days I have been working on this I can tell' You won't regrett the time investment.
    Rick Boudreau
  2. By Vince on August 15, 2019
    A challenging but effective tool for learning song keys and overall ear training. I thought solfege was mainly for folks taking vocal lessons, but it's very helpful for recognizing relative pitch and song keys.
  3. By Rcmajor61 on September 17, 2019
    This course was well worth it if not only for the exposure to the Solfeggio exercise. Would have benefited my singing the last twenty years. Seeing results already as I am practicing my piano skills and techniques. Some great lessons. The key point is to not try and learn it all at one time.
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