What is the #1 tool used by those advanced pianists to achieve that “Gospel Sound?”


Yes, that’s correct. Passing Chords are the single most powerful tool for modern Gospel pianists, and YOU can achieve that sound as well. In this course, I have identified the seven most used passing chords in Gospel music, and I teach it all in the key of C.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only master advance chords, but you’ll also learn all those movements that you hear the other guys play but never could wrap your head around what they’re doing.  All those movements are revealed, NOTHING is held back, I lay it all on the “table” in the key of C.

In this course I also demonstrated all these passing chords on ten popular worship songs and hymns – so you’re learning “practical passing chords” not just theory “stuff” that has no practical application during service.

If you’re serious about taking your worship passing chords to the next level, then this is the course you MUST have.

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Top Student Reviews

  1. By DANDY ISRAEL OGHOGHO on December 16, 2018
    A must for everyone wanting to improve how they sound.
  2. By emostel on December 23, 2018
    I checked out this lesson on YouTube and followed it bit by bit, pausing at every point of interest and practicing them by heart. I am already feeling my self as a star in the play... thanks a lot Warren. I hope to do much more with you.. you hit it hard in a soft manner.
  3. By ilwoody on December 30, 2018
    This course IS the course guys. I'm talking to all the advanced piano player. It's easy to follow (and that's what music is all about) and full of practice concept to apply. Warren is one of the best teacher I have found so far. Highly recommended
  4. By Ron Antenor on January 2, 2019
    The course is very detailed. It allows me to understand how these guys have been getting those sounds. No regrets
  5. By eronscode on February 27, 2019
    Its very easy to understand. Wow m really happy Right bow because my playing has improved greatly because of this course. Warren is the best. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  6. By Tstringz on March 30, 2019
    thank you sir. this lesson brought more colors to my play
  7. By Don B on January 17, 2019
    I have only started lesson 1 and I am learning quite a lot. It’s a lot to digest given the many options in variation in the use of the passing chords, most popular being the 2-5-1 aka 7-6-3. What I like about your tutorials is that you teach with such simplicity, that all can understand as shown by your vast knowledge of music. All that’s left for me to do is practice, practice and more practice .