In this tutorial, you will learn all the neat tips and tricks on how to instantly improve your improvisation with scales like: the Blues scale, Pentatonic, Medieval Church Modes, Phrygian Dominant scale, The Altered Scale, Whole-tone scale, and Super-Locrian scale – just to name a few.

When improvising, your “licks,” “runs,” and “lines” are all derived from scales. Therefore, it is essential that you’re familiar with these scales and with the right method of applying them to chord progressions. I teach you easy-to-remember rules to make this simple to do on the fly.

The chords demonstrated with the above scales are the Minor Sevenths, Major Sevenths, Dominant Sevenths, Fully-Diminished Sevenths, Half-Diminished Sevenths (also know as the minor7(b5) chord), and the Altered Dominant Seventh chord.

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  1. By Zurk on September 14, 2018
    Very good i understand and learnt alot from this course
  2. By imedicineman on November 28, 2018
    You just cut thru the nice to know and got down to the important stuff. Great job. Thank you.